Trinidad and Tobago: Government

Republic of Trinidad and Tobago Flag
Coat of Arms of Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Key Figures

Chief of State: President Anthony Carmona

Head of Government: Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar


Government Name: Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Constitution: Adopted: 1976; Provided for a president to be elected to serve as head of state and commander in chief. Prime minister has the task of running the government. Citizens' rights and government responsibilities are also explained in their respective articles.

Government Type: Parliamentary Democracy

Main Powers Election Process Election Cycle Source: ElectionGuide,

Control of the government rests in the cabinet lead by the prime minister and answerable to the bicameral parliament.

President is indirectly elected by an electoral college and the prime minister is appointed by the president.

5 years


Given final appeal on legal matters.

The Chief Justice of the Court of Appeal in the judicial branch is appointed by the president after consultation with prime minister

Mandatory retirement age of 65


Responsible for drafting and amending proposed federal legislation.

Senate has 16 members appointed by the ruling party, 6 members appointed by the opposition and 9 members appointed by the president, and the House of Representatives are elected by plurality vote in single-member constituencies.

5 years

International Relations

Foreign Policy Trends: Supports economic inegration efforts and advocates greater mesaures of plitical secuirty and integration

Regional Trade Blocs: CARICOM

Treaties: No major military treaties

Tax Authority: Board of Inland Revenue Value Added Tax Administration Centre

Tax Name: VAT


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