Trinidad and Tobago: History

  1. 1532

    Spain colonizes Trinidad and appoints a governor to rule it.

  2. 1781

    The French capture Tobago from the Spanish and transform it into a sugar-producing colony.

  3. 1802

    Spain cedes Trinidad to Britain under the Treaty of Amiens.

  4. 1814

    France cedes Tobago to Britain.

  5. 1889

    Trinidad and Tobago are administratively combined into one British colony.

  6. 1958

    Trinidad and Tobago joins the British-sponsored West Indies Federation.

  7. 1967

    Trinidad and Tobago joins the Organization of American States after leaving the West Indies Federation in 1962.

  8. 1968

    Other English-speaking Caribbean states join Trinidad and Tobago in forming the Caribbean Free Trade Area, which is later renamed the Caribbean Common Market.

  9. 1975

    Strikes by workers in the oil, sugar, transport, and electricity industries wreak havoc on the economy.

  10. 1976

    Trinidad and Tobago becomes a republic.

  11. 2007

    Plans are announced to close the centuries-old sugar industry.


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