• Spain colonizes Trinidad.

  • The Dutch colonize in Tobago.

  • Tobago is captured by the French from the Spanish and is turned into a sugar-producing colony. 

  • The British capture Trinidad from Spain.

  • Spain cedes Trinidad to Britain under the Treaty of Amiens.

  • France cedes Tobago to Britain.

  • Trinidad and Tobago combine into a single British colony.

  • Trinidad and Tobago joins the British-sponsored West Indies Federation.

  • Trinidad and Tobago gain independence from Great Britain.  

  • Trinidad and Tobago joins the Organization of American States.

  • Many English-speaking Caribbean states form the Caribbean Free Trade area which was replaced by the Caribbean Common Market in 1973.

  • Strikes by workers in the oil, sugar, transport, and electricity industries paralyze the economy.

  • Trinidad and Tobago becomes a republic.
  • Paula-Mae Weekes became first woman to hold office of President.


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