• Spain colonizes Trinidad and appoints a governor to rule it.
  • The French capture Tobago from the Spanish and transform it into a sugar-producing colony.
  • Spain cedes Trinidad to Britain under the Treaty of Amiens.
  • France cedes Tobago to Britain.
  • Trinidad and Tobago are administratively combined into one British colony.
  • Trinidad and Tobago joins the British-sponsored West Indies Federation.
  • Trinidad and Tobago joins the Organization of American States after leaving the West Indies Federation in 1962.
  • Other English-speaking Caribbean states join Trinidad and Tobago in forming the Caribbean Free Trade Area, which is later renamed the Caribbean Common Market.
  • Strikes by workers in the oil, sugar, transport, and electricity industries wreak havoc on the economy.
  • Trinidad and Tobago becomes a republic.
  • Plans are announced to close the centuries-old sugar industry.


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