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Regulatory Agency Sites

The Ministry of Health is responsible for regulating Trinidad and Tobago's health system and protecting public health by ensuring that all health service institutions conform to safety standards. The Ministry's website provides access to information regarding disease prevention and safe healthcare procedures, statistics, and a list of health facilities.

The Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago is responsible for regulating the telecommunications and broadcasting sectors in order to keep them competitive. The Authority also manages resources, establishes equipment and service quality standards, and sets guidelines to prevent anti-competitive practices.The website contains information for consumers, descriptions of the Authority's services, reports and statistics, and consultative documents. 

Other Resources

The Caribbean Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (CAIPA) facilitates and promotes investment in the Caribbean region. The CAIPA website includes information regarding investment opportunities and incentives, as well as general information about the economies of each of its member countries.

The Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry & Commerce is a source of information about the economic activity on the island. The website provides information on trade events, a guide for foreign investment, business directories, training services, and publications. 

Hamel-Smith is a law firm in Trinidad and Tobago that serves both local and international companies doing business in the country. The site provides an overview of the country's business environment as well as legal and regulatory framework for investment. The site also offers facts and profiles on key industries, information on intellectual property, taxation issues, and a special report on the energy sector.