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American Public Transportation Association (APTA): Meetings and Conferences

The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) is an organization that serves its members through advocacy, innovation, and information sharing. Its meetings and conferences page contains a listing of events hosted by APTA as well as links to other conferences and events related to public transportation. 

Conal Conference Alerts: Higher Education Conferences Worldwide

A subsection of the main Conference Alerts website, Higher Education Conferences Worldwide provides a large variety of events all directed at improving college education in a series of ways. This includes improving study abroad programs, handling disabled students, giving opportunities to less fortunate students, and a variety of other topics. Events are held throughout the globe.

Environmental-Expert: Events

Environmental-Expert is a global environmental industry marketplace and information resource. Its events page contains events from numerous aspects of environmental technologies such as air and climate, environmental management, and health and safety. Events take place around the globe and can also be filtered by location.

General Services Administration (GSA): Events

The General Services Administration (GSA) constructs, manages, and preserves government buildings as well as offers private sector professional services, equipment, supplies, and IT to government organizations and the military. The GSA events page provides upcoming events and training opportunities which can be filtered by event category and location. Some events are online. 

Government Executive: Events

Government Executive is a daily news publication providing information about the various federal government's departments and agencies. The events page provides a number of upcoming live events and webinars, as well as a listing of previously hosted events. 

Government Executive: Events

The mission of Government Executive is to aid those involved in the management  of government departments and agencies. The events section of this website provides detailed information of the upcoming conferences in this field.

Government Technology: Events

Government Technology is an online magazine covering IT case studies, emerging technologies, and the implications of digital technology on the policies and management of the public sector organizations. Its events page contains various events and webinars, often being different types of summits located in different states.

Mass Transit: Upcoming Events

Mass Transit is an online news resource for various transportation modes such as rail and bus. Its upcoming events page contains the mass transit industry's major trade shows, expos, conferences, workshops, and seminars. Users may also submit their own events to the page. 

PennWell: Events

PenWell is a business media, events, and marketing communications company that aims to serve global markets. Its events page contains numerous upcoming events in the various sectors of public services such as public safety, water & waste management, and power.

Research Triangle Institute International (RTI): Events Calendar

Research Triangle Institute (RTI) focuses on providing updated information on environmental services. The events page contains a list of past and upcoming events which take place all over the globe.