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Chain Store Age (CSA)

Chain Store Age (CSA) provides an ample source of news and statistics concerning different sectors of the retail industry. The site includes news on different product categories, retail news, e-commerce, and supplier news. A registration is required to access parts of the website.

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Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA)

The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) assists members in producing safe products through scientific research, testing, and evaluation. The GMA website provides information about various issues, policies, and resources such as research, reports, and technical guidance and tools. In addition, recent news, events, and newsletters are available on the site.

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McKinsey & Company: Consumer & Retail

The consumer and retail section of insights and publications, from McKinsey and Company, features recent in depth articles on the retail industry. These articles present companies with advice and suggestions, industry trends, and interviews with leading industry professionals.

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National Account Manager News (NamNews)

National Account Manager News (NamNews), at, provides a monthly newsletter and daily news service reporting on the retail industry. Focusing on the fast moving consumer goods industry throughout the UK, Europe, and other large international markets, NamNews is geared towards key account managers. It includes pages that offer brief insights into events affecting the industry. A free trial of the monthly issue as well as subscription information is available.

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National Retail Foundation (NRF)

National Retail Foundation (NRF) is a non-profit organization that strives to build awareness of the retail industry through statistics and stories. The website provides retail industry news, buying guides, many "Top 100" lists, special reports, and content from the current issue. 

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PricewaterhouseCoopers: Retail and Consumer

PricewaterhouseCoopers provides background information on industry sectors globally. This site includes different analyses of the retail industry, including examination of innovation, the impact in emerging markets, as well as other factors that are taking a tole on the retail industry. The site also offers free downloadable publications including annual reviews and key findings.

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In addition to up-to-date news articles on the retail industry, RetailWire provides a discussion medium for professionals, as well as tips and webinars on subjects related to the retail business. The site also provides research papers and sponsored whitepapers relating to the industry. A free registration is required to access parts of the site.

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SAP: International Database Corporation Interactive Industry Report

The International Data Corporation Interactive Industry Report, provided by SAP, is an insightful resource for businesses to benchmark their performance against industry peers. The website offers a questionnaire that allows the user to see where a company ranks relative to its industry (leading, trailing, or industry norm) by answering question in different sections: business overview, resource management, portfolio management, and employee management.

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Stores: Top 250 Global Retailers

Published by the National Retail Federation, in conjunction with Deloitte, The Global Powers of Retailing provides a ranking by annual sales of the top 250 global retailers. Country of origin, store format, and number of countries of operation are also provided for each retailer within the ranking. A link to the ranking is located at the beginning of the publication. This report also includes other analyses of the top global powers of retailing. 

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The Retail Bulletin (TRB)

The Retail Bulletin (TRB) is the primary news source for the retail industry. The site contains links to different news articles, all relating to major changes within specific retail firms, as well as the retail industry as a whole. A list of conferences and events is also available.

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