Direct Selling

Companies in this segment sell a wide variety of products, primarily door-to-door or through other person-to-person contact.


Franchisers grant franchises to interested companies in the retail industry. These companies sell a wide variety of products, but are held to the standards and regulations set by the particular franchiser.


Companies in this segment sell a variety of products to consumers including apparel, hardware, household goods, and office supplies, primarily in-store or online.

The Retail industry is Fragmented. The production in this industry is divided among a few different companies, however, no single firm has large enough share of the market to be able to influence the industry's direction or price levels.

Primary Demand Drivers

  • Personal income
  • Consumer confidence
  • Interest rates

Profitability Drivers

  • Efficient supply chain management
  • Effective merchandising and marketing

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Since writing a blog, “Worldwide Popularity of Streetwear Ascending,” in December of 2017, the global streetwear market and culture has continued to rise in popularity.  Beginning as a niche market that originated mainly within skateboarding and inner-city communities, the streetwear brand and aesthetic has become a mainstream influence that reaches star athletes and world-famous actors.  With appeal centered especially in Asia and the United States, streetwear captures two of the world’s largest audiences and is now rivaling the status of luxury brands like Italy’s Gucci and France’s Louis Vuitton.

Recently, big retail giants have been approaching their brick-and-mortar stores differently. Instead of following their traditional footsteps, companies have been looking into alternative ways to stay competitive in the digital economy and to attract a wider consumer base. This trend has just recently surfaced in the U.S., but for other countries, this has already been in practice for many years. In areas with dense population and expensive rents, it is very typical for retailers to downsize.  It allows the company to operate without incurring an unreasonable amount of fixed expenses. Best of both worlds, it offers convenience to customers while staying competitive amongst other retailers.


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