CAN: History

1969 The Groundwork for the Community is established in the Cartagena Agreement.
Venezuela joins the Andean Pact. 1973
1976 Augusto Pinochet withdraws Chile from the Andean Community on the claims of economic incompatibilities.
The treaty that created the Court of Justice is signed and the Andean Parliament and the Andean Concil of Foregn Ministers are created. 1979
1983 The treaty that created the Court of Justice enters into effect.
The presidents approve the open skies policy and agree to intensify integration. 1991
1992 Peru temoprarily suspends its obligations under the Liberalization Program.
The Free Trade Zone is entered into full operation for Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela. 1993
1994 The Common External Tariff is approved.
Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay are granted associate membership. 1995
1997 An agreement is for reached Peru's gradual incoporation into the Andean Free Trade Zone.
The Framework Agreement for the creation of a Free Trade Area between the Andean Community and Mercosur is signed in Buenos Aires. 1998
2006 President Hugo Chavez states that Venezuela would withdraw from the Andean Community.
Mercosur and the Andean Community formally establish the Union of South American Nations (USAN) to model after the European Union. 2008


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