COMESA: History

1965 A ministerial meeting is held in Lusaka, Zambia, for the consideration of organization proposals.
The recommendation for the creation of a sub-regional Preferential Trade Area is made during a meeting of Ministers of Trade, Finance, and Planning in Lusaka, Zambia. 1978
1981 A treaty to establish a Preferential Trade Area for Eastern and Southern Africa in Lusaka, Zambia is signed.
The Preferential Trade Area Treaty is ratified. 1982
1993 The COMESA Treaty is signed by 16 founding members in Kampala, Uganda.
Angola, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, and Tanzania join COMESA. 1994
1994 The COMESA Treaty is ratified in Lilongwe, Malawi.
Lesotho and Mozambique withdraw from COMESA. 1997
1999 Egypt joins COMESA.
COMESA, as a member of the Africa, Caribbean, and Pacific Group of States sign the Cotonou Agreement with the European Union in Cotonou, Benin. 2000
2001 Tanzania leaves COMESA.
Seychelles joins COMESA. 2001
2004 Namibia leaves COMESA.
Libya joins COMESA. 2005
2007 Angola suspends itself from COMESA.
The non-reciprocity of the original Cotonou Agreement is transformed into an Economic Partnership Agreement. 2008
2009 COMESA holds the 13th Meeting of the COMESA Committee of Governors of Central Banks in Cairo, Egypt, where the decision to create the COMESA Monetary Institute (CMI) is made.
The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Monetary Institute (CMI) is officially launched on March 7, 2011 at the Kenya School for Monetary Studies in Nairobi. 2011
2012 COMESA signs contracts appointing a team of advisors who will work to assist the trade bloc in raising $1 billion to fund the COMESA Infrastructure Fund.
The COMESA Innovation Council is inaugurated. 2013
2013 COMESA, EAC, and SADC launch a Tripartite Capacity Building Programme to increase trade within the three blocs.
COMESA and International Trade Center sign a pact to boost intra-Africa trade. 2015


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