Belarus: History

  1. 1795

    Belarus is occupied and controlled by the Russian Empire.

  2. 1918

    Following World War I, Belarus declares independence as the Belarussian National Republic. Their independence is short lived however, as the Soviet army invades later in the year.

  3. 1919

    The Belarussian Soviet Socialist Republic is proclaimed.

  4. 1921

    The Treaty of Riga divides Belarus between the Soviet Union and Poland.

  5. 1922

    Belarus becomes a founding member of the USSR. 

  6. 1960s

    A policy of 'Russification' is pushed through in Belarus.

  7. 1991

    Belarus declares its independence following the collapse of the Soviet Union.

  8. 1996

    Belarus signs an economic union agreement with Russia.

  9. 1998

    The Belarus rouble halves in value. Soon after, Belarus signs an accord with Russia to eventually merge tax systems and adopt a single currency.

  10. 2010

    A dispute emerges between Russia and Belarus over Belarus’s debt owed to Russia. Russia reduces the amount of gas sent to Belarus, leading Belarus to shutdown Russia’s gas pipeline to Europe. The two countries eventually reach an agreement after Belarus pays back the outstanding debt.

  11. 2011

    The government asks the International Monetary Fund for an emergency loan of $8 billion. A panic on basic goods ensues.


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