Burma: History

  1. 1057

    The first unified Burmese state is founded at Pagan by King Anawrahta.

  2. 1531

    The Toungoo dynasty reunites Burma.

  3. 1852

    Britain annexes lower Burma following the second Anglo-Burmese war.

  4. 1885

    Burma becomes a province of British India.

  5. 1937

    Burma is separated from India and becomes a crown colony of Britain.

  6. 1948

    Burma becomes independent.

  7. 1987

    A mass currency devaluation wipes out many people's savings and triggers anti-government riots.

  8. 1989

    Burma is renamed Myanmar.

  9. 1997

    Burma is admitted to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

  10. 2006

    The capital city is relocated to the city of Naypyidaw.

  11. 2010

    The government changes country's flag, national anthem, and official name and holds the first country elections in 20 years.


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