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Government Resources
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Company Directories

Chile: provides an indexed business directory for over 100,000 companies. Within each industry, the user is able to browse companies, websites, and opportunities.

News Sites

Chile: The Santiago Times

Chile's major English language paper, The Santiago Times, offers extensive business coverage with a focus on news pertaining to finance, economy, and trade as they relate to Chile. 

Regulatory Agency Sites

Chile: Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism

The Ministry of Economy, Development, and Tourism, also known as Ministerio de Economía, Fomento y Turismo, is responsible for the promotion and development of the Chilean economy through proper regulatory actions. Features include studies and surveys in business, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Only available in Spanish.

Chile: Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health, also known as Ministerio de Salud, is responsible for the oversight and regulation of the Chilean healthcare industry. This site contains a list of regulations, publications, and health services in efforts to promote a healthier nation and ensure access to medical care for all citizens. Only available in Spanish.

Chile: National Television Committee (CNTV)

The National Television Committee, also known as Consejo Nacional de Televisión (CNTV), regulates Chilean television by ensuring the broadcasts are divulging accurate information. The CNTV receives and handles complaints by users, promotes the development of new technology, grants licenses to TV broadcasters, and ensures easy access to television while also also featuring various publications. Only available in Spanish.

Chile: Supervision of Securities and Insurance (SVS)

The Supervision of Securities and Insurance, also known as Superintendencia de Valores y Seguros (SVS), is the regulatory agency overseeing the securities and insurance segments of the Chilean financial services industry. The site contains a list of relevant legislation, presentations, stock and insurance market statistics, and recent news. Only available in Spanish.

Chile: Undersecretary of Telecommunications (SUBTEL)

The Undersecretary of Telecommunications, also known as Subsecretaría de Comunicaciones (SUBTEL), regulates communication services in Chile. SUBTEL is in charge of creating legislation for producers as well as granting licenses, monitoring services according to regulations, resolving disputes among consumers and producers, and developing new technology to improve the telecommunications sector. The site provides sector reports and statistics related to the TV, telephone, and internet industry. Only available in Spanish.

Other Resources

Chile: Business Chile

Business Chile is the business magazine of the Chilean American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham Chile). The purpose of the monthly magazine is to inform partners and the general public on the main issues of economic and trade relationship between Chile and the United States in order to promote free trade and investments between the two countries.

Chile: U.S. Commercial Service Guides is a website put forth by U.S. Commercial Services that provides information and services with respect to doing business in Chile with efforts to enhance the country's standing in today's global market. The site contains information on industry sectors and Chilean business service providers. Services and products include assistance in finding a Chilean trade or business partner, a listing of trade shows, exhibitions and fairs, as well as consulting and advocacy services.

Chile: United States and Chile Free Trade Agreement (U.S.-Chile FTA)

This website by provides significant amounts of information concerning the United States and Chile Free Trade Agreement (FTA). The site contains texts, legislation, and statistics on the FTA, as well as trade links and assistance for companies looking to do business in the Republic of Chile.

Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment: Emerging Market Global Players (EMGP)

The Emerging Market Global Players (EMGP) project, a collaborative effort led by the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment, ranks multinational enterprises in emerging markets according to the level of foreign assets held. The project also works to strengthen international investment by providing educational services, policy analysis, as well as tools and resources through extensive research. Reports are listed by country and can be downloaded in PDF.