Colombia: History

  1. 1538

    Spain, which entered the country in 1525, finds the city of Santa Fe de Bogota, the current capital of Colombia.

  2. 1819

    Simon Bolivar defeats the Spanish at Boyacá and becomes the first president of The Republic of Greater Colombia.

  3. 1948

    Assassination of presidential hopeful Jorge Eliecer Gaitan sparks a bloody conflict known as La Violencia. The civil war lasts until 1957 and between 250,000 and 300,000 people are killed.

  4. 1958

    An alliance between Conservatives and Liberals is formed in an attempt to end the civil war. Each party agrees to form the National Front wherein all other parties are outlawed.

  5. 1998

    "Andres Pastrana Arango is elected president. He begins a campaign, known as “Plan Colombia,"" to establish peace with guerilla groups and fight drug trade."

  6. 2002

    Pastrana ends peace talks with rebels and orders the military to attack rebel positions hours after the rebels hijacked a commercial aircraft and kidnapped a senator.

  7. 2012

    A free trade agreement between Colombia and the United States goes into effect after being signed six years earlier.


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