Colombia: History

  1. 1819

    Republic of Gran Colombia forms. It includes present day Ecuador, Panama, Venezuela and Colombia. 

  2. 1830

    Gran Colombia is broken off when Venezuela and Ecuador split off. Panama and Colombia stay together in a separate state called Nueva Granada. 

  3. 1903

    After the civil war within Nueva Granada, known as "The War of the Thousand Days", Panama becomes an independent state. 

  4. 1948

    250,000-300,000 people were killed in the La Violencia civil war. It took a decade for the economy to restore stabilization. 

  5. 1999

    A powerful earthquake hits Colombia killing over 1,000 people, setting Colombia back economically. 

  6. 2011

    Colombia established a free trade agreement with the US despite concerns over Colombia's poor record of labor relations. 


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