• Republic of Gran Colombia forms. It includes present day Ecuador, Panama, Venezuela and Colombia. 

  • Gran Colombia is broken off when Venezuela and Ecuador split off. Panama and Colombia stay together in a separate state called Nueva Granada. 

  • After the civil war within Nueva Granada, known as "The War of the Thousand Days", Panama becomes an independent state. 

  • 250,000-300,000 people were killed in the La Violencia civil war. It took a decade for the economy to restore stabilization. 

  • A powerful earthquake hits Colombia killing over 1,000 people, setting Colombia back economically. 

  • Colombia established a free trade agreement with the US despite concerns over Colombia's poor record of labor relations. 

  • After 52 years of armed conflict with FARC, a peace accord is signed. 

  • After the signing of the peace agreement, dissidents of FARC continue to battle armed forced. 


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