Djibouti: History

  1. 1862

    France purchases the port of Obock.

  2. 1888

    The boundaries of French Somaliland are established.

  3. 1892

    Djibouti's territory becomes the administrative capital.

  4. 1897

    Ethiopia gains parts of Djibouti after negotiating with France.

  5. 1946

    Djibouti is made an overseas territory within the French Union and gains legislature and representation in the French parliament.

  6. 1958

    Djibouti joins the French Community.

  7. 1977

    Djibouti gains independence.

  8. 1991

    Civil war breaks out between the Djibouti government and FRUD, an Afar rebel group.

  9. 2000

    A radical part of FRUD and the Djibouti government sign a peace accord, ending the civil war.

  10. 2008

    Dispute over Ras Doumeira area causes fighting between Djibouti and Eritrea.

  11. 2010

    Eritrea and Djibouti resolve a border dispute.


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