Dominica: History

  1. 1627

    Britain puts the Earl of Carlisle in charge of Dominica, placing the island under British rule.

  2. 1635

    Dominica is claimed by France.

  3. 1660

    The island is abandoned by both Britain and France.

  4. 1763

    As part of the Treaty of Paris at the end of the Seven Years' War, Britain gains Dominica and establishes a general assembly.

  5. 1838

    Dominica becomes the first and only British Caribbean colony with a black-controlled legislature.

  6. 1871

    Dominica becomes part of the Leeward Island Federation.

  7. 1896

    Britain reestablishes a crown colony government in Dominica.

  8. 1958

    Dominica joins the West Indies Federation.

  9. 1967

    The West Indies Federation dissolves and Dominica becomes an associated state of the United Kingdom.

  10. 1978

    Dominica is granted independence.

  11. 1998

    The government creates legislation to make Dominica a provider of offshore financial services.


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