• Britain takes control of Dominica in accordance with the Treaty of Paris, which ended the Seven Years' War.

  • Dominica becomes the first and only British colony in the Caribbean to have a black-controlled legislature.

  • Britain re-establishes crown colony government over Dominica.

  • Dominica becomes a member of the British West Indies Federation. 

  • Britain grants Dominica Self-government rule. 

  • Dominica becomes fully independent.

  • The government announces plans to make Dominica a principal provider of offshore financial services to the world.

  • Dominica seeks help from the Caribbean Development Bank as it goes through economic and financial difficulties as exports and tourism decline.

  • Dominica cuts diplomatic relations with Taiwan in favor of ties with mainland China, which agrees to give $100 million with the aid over five years. Later that year, a severe earthquake strikes Dominica, significantly damaging the country's infrastructure, which will cost them millions of dollars to repair.

  • Hurricane Dean wipes out 99% of Dominica's banana crop, putting further pressure on the island's struggling main industry.


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