Equatorial Guinea: History

  1. 1471

    Portuguese explorer Fernao do Poo discovers the island of Bioko, naming it Fernando Poo.

  2. 1778

    The Treaty of El Pardo is signed, in which the Portuguese give up Fernando Poo and its surrounding areas in return for South American territories.

  3. 1827

    Britain establishes a base on Fernando Poo to prevent slave trade.

  4. 1844

    Spanish settlers come to Rio Muni, the mainland.

  5. 1904

    Fernando Poo and Rio Muni become known as the Western African Territories and then as Spanish Guinea.

  6. 1968

    Spanish Guinea gains independence and becomes known as the Republic of Equatorial Guinea. A constitution is adopted with a General Assembly and a Supreme Court and Francisco Macias Nguema is elected as the first president.

  7. 1976

    The economy collapses due to Macias' totalitarian style of ruling.

  8. 2001

    Equatorial Guinea becomes of the fastest-growing economies in the world because of its use of its oil reserves.


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