• Portugal colonizes the islands of Fernando Pó and Annobón.

  • Portugal cedes the islands of Fernando Pó and Annobón as well as the rights to the mainland coast of Spain.

  • The islands of Fernando Pó and Rio Muni become the Western African Territories and are later renamed Spanish Guinea.

  • Spanish Guinea is granted independence and becomes the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.

  • Mobil, a major American oil company, discovers sizable oil and gas reserves. 

  • As the country exploits its oil reserves, its economy emerges as one of the world's fastest growing. 

  • The government announces plans to double its revenue share from oil production contracts, which had been a major driver for its economic growth.

  • Equatorial Guinea and Gabon co-host African Cup of Nations, the continent's biggest soccer tournament.

  • Equatorial Guinea is chosen to replace Morocco as host of the 2015 African Cup of Nations after Morocco refused to host the competition because of fears about Ebola.


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