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Government Resources
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Company Directories

Estonian Export Directory

Estonia's export search engine not only offers a company directory, but also relevant historical, legal, and economic information on Estonia. Users are able to search by company name, industry, NACE code, or product.

News Sites

Estonia: Äripäev

Äripäev is a daily newspaper for corporate executives and business managers. In addition to business headlines, the newspaper has special features, interviews, industry analysis, and covers the Estonian financial market. Free registration is required to access many features. Only available in Estonian.

Regulatory Agency Sites

Estonia: Agency of Medicines

The Agency of Medicines of Estonia is charged with the oversight and regulation of the healthcare and pharmaceuticals industries within Estonia. The site contains information on regulations, drug trials, and proper healthcare techniques in Estonia.

Estonia: Finantsinspektsioon

Finantsinspektsioon is responsible for the oversight and regulation of the entire financial services industry within Estonia. The site contains annual reports, market data, and information on financial supervision.

Estonia: Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Estonia is responsible for the implementation of tax, financial, and fiscal policies in Estonia. The ministry's website provides information on the ministry and its main activities, press releases related to the financial services industry in Estonia, and links to other useful resources.

Estonia: Ministry of Rural Affairs

The Ministry of Rural Affairs is responsible for the drafting and implementation of natural development plans. This page includes links to news about areas the ministry is involved in as well as information about the role of the ministry in Estonia and the greater European Union.

Other Resources

Estonia: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides information on Estonia’s economy, foreign policy, up-to-date news, and government facts.

Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry provides information for business professionals interested in investing in Estonia. This site provides a list of its members, descriptions of all of the services the chamber offers, and an overview of the Estonian economy. The "invest in Estonia" section gives information about the business environment, tax system, importing and exporting, and labor relations.

Estonian Tax and Customs Board

The Estonian Tax and Customs Board deals with customs duties, protection of economic activities, implementation of national tax and customs policies, ensuring compliance of trade and customs legislation, and also provides customer services for the fulfillment of tax liabilities. Specific information is provided on taxes, customs, and Estonian legislation.