Ethiopia: History

  1. 1493

    The Portuguese come into contact with Ethiopia in an attempt to control the majority of Indian Ocean territory.

  2. 1530

    Ahmad Gran, a major Muslim leader, conquers most of Ethiopia.

  3. 1895

    Italy invades Ethiopia.

  4. 1896

    Ethiopia defeats the Italians, who then recognize Ethiopia's independence.

  5. 1936

    Italian Fascists invade and capture Ethiopia; Italy takes full control over Ethiopia and combines it with Eritrea and Italian Somaliland to form Italian East Africa.

  6. 1941

    British, Commonwealth, and Ethiopian troops defeat the Italians, returning the Ethiopian emperor to the throne.

  7. 1952

    The UN federates Eritrea with Ethiopia.

  8. 1962

    Haile Selassie, the Ethiopian emperor, annexes Ertirea and makes it a province of Ethiopia.

  9. 1974

    A group of soldiers called the Derg lead a military coup that overthrows Selassie and establishes a military government.

  10. 1977

    "Colonel Mengistu, Haile Mariam, seizes power and orchestrates a ""Red Terror"" campaign; he also starts collectivization of agriculture. "

  11. 1978

    Ethiopia defeats Somalian forces with the help of the Soviet Union and Cuba.

  12. 1993

    Eritrea becomes independent from Ethiopia.

  13. 1994

    Ethiopia, based on a new constitution, becomes divided into several regions based on ethnicity.

  14. 1998

    Border clashes between Ethiopia and Eritrea start, soon breaking out into a war.

  15. 2000

    Ethiopia and Eritrea sign a peace agreement, ending the war.


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