• The Portuguese come into contact with Ethiopia in an attempt to control the majority of Indian Ocean territory.
  • Ahmad Gran, a major Muslim leader, conquers most of Ethiopia.
  • Italy invades Ethiopia.
  • Ethiopia defeats the Italians, who then recognize Ethiopia's independence.
  • Italian Fascists invade and capture Ethiopia; Italy takes full control over Ethiopia and combines it with Eritrea and Italian Somaliland to form Italian East Africa.
  • British, Commonwealth, and Ethiopian troops defeat the Italians, returning the Ethiopian emperor to the throne.
  • The UN federates Eritrea with Ethiopia.
  • Haile Selassie, the Ethiopian emperor, annexes Ertirea and makes it a province of Ethiopia.
  • A group of soldiers called the Derg lead a military coup that overthrows Selassie and establishes a military government.
  • "Colonel Mengistu, Haile Mariam, seizes power and orchestrates a ""Red Terror"" campaign; he also starts collectivization of agriculture. "
  • Ethiopia defeats Somalian forces with the help of the Soviet Union and Cuba.
  • Eritrea becomes independent from Ethiopia.
  • Ethiopia, based on a new constitution, becomes divided into several regions based on ethnicity.
  • Border clashes between Ethiopia and Eritrea start, soon breaking out into a war.
  • Ethiopia and Eritrea sign a peace agreement, ending the war.


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