Guyana: History

  1. 1580

    The Dutch establish trading posts in Guyana.

  2. 1814

    Britain occupies Guyana during the Napoleonic Wars.

  3. 1879

    Gold is discovered in Guyana, leading to an economic boom.

  4. 1961

    Guyana is granted full autonomy while Britain still retains control over internal matters and defense.

  5. 1966

    Guyana becomes completely independent.

  6. 1985

    The economy begins to deteriorate.

  7. 2005

    Severe flooding from continuous days of rain creates a disaster zone in the country. The United Nations estimates loss to the economy at about 500 million dollars.

  8. 2007

    The United Nations tribunal makes the final decision in the Guyana-Suriname dispute over maritime territory, ultimately giving both nations equal shares of the potentially oil-rich offshore basin.


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