• Guyana changes hands several times between the Dutch, French, and British.

  • Guyana is officially declared a British colony after being occupied by the British since the Napoleonic wars in 1814.

  • Gold is discovered in Guyana, which leads to a boom in the economy.

  • Venezuela claims a large portion of Guyana.

  • Guyana is granted autonomy; however, Britain maintains control over internal and defense matters.

  • Guyana officially becomes an independent nation.

  • Guyana becomes a republic within the British Commonwealth.

  • Suriname and Guyana dispute over a maritime area after Suriname evicts an oil rig exploration that Guyana had approved. 

  • The UN set up a tribunal to help solve the maritime dispute between Guyana and Suriname which gave Guyana more coastline and helped strengthen its economy. 

  • Severe flooding hits Guyana, causing the Government to declare a state of emergency and setting the economy back by about $500 million. 

  • The UN tribunal rules for Guyana and Suriname to split the potentially oil-rich basin. 

  • A trade agreement is signed with the European Union (EU).

  • Guyana's multiracial opposition coalition led by David Granger wins the general election, ending 23 years of rule by the Indo-Guyanese PPP party. The PPP returns to power five years later.


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