Iraq: History

  1. 1534

    Present-day Iraq is part of the Ottoman Empire until 1918.

  2. 1920

    Britain creates the state of Iraq with the approval of the League of Nations.

  3. 1920

    The Great Iraqi Revolution against British rule takes place.

  4. 1932

    Iraq becomes independent.

  5. 1958

    The monarchy is overthrown in a military coup and Iraq is declared a republic.

  6. 1972

    The Iraq Petroleum Company is nationalized.

  7. 1974

    Iraq grants limited autonomy to the Kurdish region.

  8. 1980

    The Iran-Iraq war begins.

  9. 1990

    Iraq invades Kuwait, sparking a large United States-led military campaign to liberate Kuwait in what is known as the first Gulf War.

  10. 2003

    A US-led invasion of Iraq topples Saddam Hussein's government. Violent conflict ensues in the following years as foreign troops occupy the country and different groups compete for power.

  11. 2005

    Voters approve a new constitution, which will make Iraq an Islamic federal democracy.

  12. 2012

    Iraq cancels a $4.2 billion arms deal with Russia due to concerns of corruption in the Iraqi government.


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