• Iraq is part of the Ottoman Empire.

  • Britain invades Baghdad during World War I and the League of Nations grants British Mandate in Iraq after the war.

  • Iraq becomes independent after the mandate ends.

  • British re-occupies Iraq during World War II.

  • The British monarchy is overthrown, ending the pro-British Baghdad Pact. 

  • Iraq permits limited autonomy to Kurds in the north east region.  

  • The gulf war is initiated after Iraq invades Kuwait.

  • The United States leads an invasion of Iraq, pushing Saddam Hussein's government out. This marked the beginning of the country's destabilization, with GDP and employment falling significantly and inflation skyrocketing to 34%.

  • All U.S. forces are pulled out of Iraq.  

  • The Surge of the Islamic State continues to prevent Iraq from rebounding economically.

  • The Iraqi government sings a deal with the Kurdish region to share Iraq's oil wealth and military resources. 

  • Protests against unemployment and corruption in cities lead to around 400 deaths, prompting Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi to resign. 


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