Israel: History

  1. 1897

    The Zionist Organization is founded and the First Zionist Congress proclaims its intent to establish a home for the Jewish people in Palestine that is secured under public law.

  2. 1948

    The State of Israel is proclaimed and is immediately invaded by armies from neighboring Arab states.

  3. 1949

    Israel's War of Independence ends with armistice agreements between Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria; Israeli territory increases by 50%.

  4. 1967

    Israeli forces strike targets in Egypt, Jordan, and Syria in response to a buildup of Arab armies along Israel's border. Israel gains control of the Sinai Peninsula, the Golan Heights, the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem.

  5. 2005

    Israel begins its withdrawal of Israeli settlements from the Gaza Strip.

  6. 2007

    Israeli and Palestinian leaders participate in an international conference in Annapolis, Maryland and commit to launch negotiations towards the establishment of a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza with a realization of peace.


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