Lebanon: History

  1. 1516

    The Ottoman Empire captures Lebanon and controls it until World War I.  

  2. 1920

    After World War I, the League of Nations grants the mandate for Lebanon to France, creating the state of greater Lebanon.

  3. 1944

    France agrees to transfer power to the Lebanese government. 

  4. 1975

    The Lebanese civil war starts after a clash between the Phalangists and the guerrillas. Its economy suffered from the destruction of infrastructure and industrial facilities.

  5. 1976

    Syrian army enters Lebanon as an Arab Deterrent Force.

  6. 1982

    Israel launches a full-scale invasion of Lebanon.  

  7. 1990

    The civil war formally ends after the Syrian Air Force attacks the Presidential Palace, forcing the Lebanese Commander-in-Chief Michel Aoun to flee. 

  8. 2005

    After being accused of occupying the country, Syrian forces withdrew from Lebanon due to international pressure.  

  9. 2012

    The Syrian conflict started to spill over into Lebanon, destabilizing the country and its economy.  


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