Liberia: History

  1. 1847

    A constitution is drawn up based on that of the United States; Liberia gains independence in July from the United States.

  2. 1926

    Firestone Tire and Rubber Company opens a rubber plantation; rubber production becomes the backbone of the economy.

  3. 1978

    Liberia and the European Economic Community come together and sign a trade agreement.

  4. 1989

    Civil War breaks out in the country and continues for another 14 years.

  5. 1990

    The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) sends peacekeeping troops to Liberia to aid in the constant battles within the country.

  6. 2001

    The United Nations bans Liberia from exporting diamonds to stop the flow of blood diamonds.

  7. 2007

    The United Nations Security Council lifts its ban from 2001 and allows Liberia to export diamonds again.

  8. 2010

    The IMF and the World Bank devise a plan that will relieve Liberia of its heavy debt burden.

  9. 2013

    Global Witness, a campaign group, says half the forests in Liberia are being logged illegally, despite the government’s promise to cease all such activity.


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