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Mexico: Sales Representative and Distributorship Contracts in Mexico - a Lexwork International exclusive

This document explains how the Mexican Civil Code regulates sales representatives and distributorships. Also described are Mexico’s exclusivity terms, choice of law, non-compete provisions, mandatory provisions, and special tax considerations. Prepared by: Cuevaslugo Abogados.

Government Resources
Main Government Page
Statistics Office
Central Banks
Stock Exchanges
Commerce Ministry
Export Promotion Agency
Investment Promotion Agency

Company Directories

Mexico Business Directory

Mexico Business Directory provides access to information on all businesses in Mexico. The directory can be searched by company name, SIC category, or by other key words.

News Sites

Mexico: El Economista

El Economista is a daily Mexican financial newspaper. It offers economic headlines, market index, quotes, and market commentary. Available in Spanish only.

Mexico: El Financiero

El Financiero is a leading financial Mexican newspaper. It has financial, business, and economy sections as well as national and international news. Available in Spanish only.

Mexico: El Sol de México - Finanzas

El Sol de México is a regional newspaper that provides current financial news and opinions for Mexico. Available in Spanish only.

Mexico: El Universal

The Finance page of El Universal offers news and information sorted by topic. The site also delivers free news by email.

Regulatory Agency Sites

Mexico: Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT)

The Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) is an independent government agency that is responsible for regulating telecommunication and broadcasting services. The site provides information about the industry, relevant statistical information, resources, and relevant announcements. This site is only available in Spanish.

Mexico: Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health is responsible for monitoring the universal healthcare system and approving medical facilities. They also regulate the importation standards of drugs, medical goods, and agricultural products. The site provides information on hospitals, institutes, and standards. Only available in Spanish.

Mexico: National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV)

The National Banking and Securities Commission, Comision Nacional Bancaria y de Valores (CNBV), is charged with the oversight and regulation of the banking and brokerage sectors of the Mexican financial services industry. The site contains information on regulation, statistics, and international affairs as regulated by the CNBV.

Mexico: Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries, and Food

The Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries, and Food pursues and researches policies for the betterment of the Agriculture and Food and Beverage industries. The organization also aims to improve the quality of the Mexican ecosystem and rural living. 

Mexico: Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit

The Mexican Ministry of Finance is responsible for the regulation and use of public funds as well as the development of economic policy. The site provides official information on the Mexican economy, including basic data as well as documents and reports on the economic policy. Site is only available in Spanish.

Other Resources

Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment: Emerging Market Global Players (EMGP)

The Emerging Market Global Players (EMGP) project, a collaborative effort led by the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment, ranks multinational enterprises in emerging markets according to the level of foreign assets held. The project also works to strengthen international investment by providing educational services, policy analysis, as well as tools and resources through extensive research. Reports are listed by country and can be downloaded in PDF.

Mexican Association of Small Business Development Centers (AMCDPE)

The Association of Small Business Development Centers (AMCDPE) is an extension of SBDC global, an import/export company, that seeks to provide knowledge and methodologies to its business members. The association aims to serve those that provide quality services and contribute to Mexican economic development. The site offers news and information sources, consulting services, a list of events, and training opportunities. Only available in Spanish.

Mexican Business Information System (SIEM)

The Mexican Business Information System (SIEM) provides business information and promotes industrial, commercial, and service companies operating in Mexico. One of its objectives is to establish itself as a virtual business center in promoting micro, small, and medium enterprises. A link to a directory of Mexican companies, products, and statistics is provided. Site is only available in Spanish.

Mexico Competitiveness Report

The Mexico Competitiveness Report, published by the World Economic Forum, provides a comprehensive overview of the country’s current competitiveness landscape, highlighting strengths and problematic areas. The publication explores issues such as infrastructure, public institutions, environmental sustainability, business sophistication, foreign direct investment, and innovations in the agribusiness sector.

United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce (USMCOC)

The United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce (USMCOC) was established in 1973 to promote trade and investment among businesses in both countries. The website includes information on upcoming USMCOC events, information about membership, and programs. In addition, the site also provides access to Alliance Magazine, a quarterly magazine published by USMCOC, and recent news.