Mongolia: History

  1. 1206

    After uniting Mongol tribes, Genghis Khan launches a campaign of conquest.

  2. 1636

    The Manchu (Qing) empire conquers the southern Mongols, creating Inner Mongolia.

  3. 1691

    The Qing empire offers protection to the northern Mongols, creating Outer Mongolia.

  4. 1911

    The Qing dynasty falls and Outer Mongolia declares its independence.

  5. 1921

    "With the support of the Red Army, Mongolian revolutionaries expel Chinese and Tsarist forces and implement the Mongolian ""people's government"". "

  6. 1924

    The Mongolian People's Republic, which is the first Soviet satellite state, is proclaimed.

  7. 1949

    Mongolia establishes relations with the People's Republic of China and a railway is built across Mongolia, linking Russia and China.

  8. 1961

    The United Nation's security council approves Mongolia's United Nations membership.

  9. 2001

    The IMF approves $40 million in low-interest loans to help tackle poverty and boost economic growth.


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