Nauru: History

  1. 1888

    Nauru is annexed by Germany as part of the Marshall Islands Protectorate.

  2. 1900

    A British company discovers phosphate on the island.

  3. 1914

    Nauru is seized by Australian troops.

  4. 1919

    The League of Nations grants a joint mandate over Nauru to Australia, Great Britain, and New Zealand.

  5. 1942

    While under Japanese occupation, two-thirds of the population is deported to Micronesia to work as forced laborers.

  6. 1947

    Nauru is made a UN trust territory under Australian administration.

  7. 1968

    Nauru is declared independent.

  8. 1999

    Nauru joins the United Nations.

  9. 2004

    Australia sends officials to take charge of Nauru's state finances after Nauru defaults on its loan payments.


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