• Nauru is annexed by Germany as part of the Marshall Islands Protectorate.
  • A British company discovers phosphate on the island. Mining commences 6 years later in 1906.

  • Nauru is seized by Australian troops.
  • The League of Nations grants a joint mandate over Nauru to Australia, Great Britain, and New Zealand.
  • Japan occupies Nauru, and 1,200 (approximately two-thirds) of Nauruan's population are deported to Micronesia to work as forced laborers.

  • Nauru is made a UN trust territory under Australian administration.
  • Nauru gains independence.

  • Nauru joins the United Nations.
  • Nauru ends its offshore banking industry following money laundering allegations.

  • Australia sends officials to take charge of Nauru's state finances after Nauru defaults on its loan payments.
  • The Financial Action Task Force, which was established to fight money laundering, removes Nauru from its list of uncooperative countries.


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