Qatar: History

  1. 1916

    Qatar falls under British protectorate following World War I, giving Britain control over Qatar's external affairs. 

  2. 1939

    Oil is initially discovered in the region, but exploitation is delayed due to World War II. 

  3. 1947

    Following World War II, oil drilling commences. 

  4. 1950s-

    Oil export revenues allow the country to expand and modernize its infrastructure. 

  5. 1968

    British forces begin to withdraw from the Gulf region and Qatar becomes officially independent in 1971. 

  6. 1990

    Qatar joins the fight to liberate Kuwait following an Iraqi invasion. 

  7. 2005

    Qatar and the United States launch a $14 billion joint project to build the world's largest liquefied natural gas plant. A majority of the gas from the plant is to be exported to the United States. 

  8. 2008

    Qatar and Saudi Arabia finally agree to delineate their borders and pledge to boost co-operation after a long dispute. 

  9. 2009

    Qatar cuts trade ties with Israel following the Israel-Gaza conflict. 


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