• Qatar falls under British protectorate following World War I, giving Britain control over Qatar's external affairs. 

  • Oil is initially discovered in the region, but exploitation is delayed due to World War II. 

  • Following World War II, oil drilling commences. 

  • Oil export revenues allow the country to expand and modernize its infrastructure. 

  • British forces begin to withdraw from the Gulf region and Qatar becomes officially independent in 1971. 

  • Qatar joins the fight to liberate Kuwait following an Iraqi invasion. 

  • Qatar and the United States launch a $14 billion joint project to build the world's largest liquefied natural gas plant. A majority of the gas from the plant is to be exported to the United States. 

  • Qatar and Saudi Arabia finally agree to delineate their borders and pledge to boost co-operation after a long dispute. 

  • Qatar cuts trade ties with Israel following the Israel-Gaza conflict. 

  • Qatar became the first country in the Arab world to host the FIFA Men’s World Cup

  • The United States designated Qatar as a major non-NATO ally.



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