South Sudan: History

  1. 1899

    Until 1955, present-day South Sudan is part of Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, which is controlled under joint British-Egyptian rule.

  2. 1972

    Sudanese president Jaafar Numeiri concedes a measure of autonomy for present-day South Sudan in a peace agreement.

  3. 1978

    Oil is discovered in present-day South Sudan.

  4. 1983

    The Sudanese People's Liberation Movement, led by John Garang, starts the second Sudanese civil war against the north in response to the abolishment of South Sudan's autonomy.

  5. 2005

    In October, an autonomous government is officially formed in South Sudan.

  6. 2011

    South Sudan is declared independent from Sudan.

  7. 2012

    The presidents of Sudan and South Sudan agree to trade, oil, and security deals.


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