Sudan: History

  1. 1899

    Sudan comes under joint British-Egyptian rule, lasting until 1955.

  2. 1956

    Sudan gains independence.

  3. 1983

    Civil war breaks out in the south between government forces and the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM).

  4. 1999

    Sudan begins to export oil.

  5. 2001

    The United States extends unilateral sanctions against Sudan, citing its record on human rights violations and terrorism.

  6. 2005

    In October, an autonomous government is officially formed in South Sudan.

  7. 2008

    The Presidents of Sudan and Chad sign an accord that aims to end five years of hostilities between the two countries.

  8. 2011

    South Sudan gains its independence from Sudan.

  9. 2012

    The presidents of Sudan and South Sudan agree to trade, oil, and security deals.


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