Syria: History

  1. 1918

    Arab troops led by Emir Feisal and supported by British forces capture Damascus, ending 400 years of Ottoman rule.

  2. 1920

    As a result of the San Remo conference, Syria-Lebanon is placed under a French mandate and Palestine under British control.

  3. 1958

    Syria and Egypt join the United Arab Republic (UAR).

  4. 1967

    Israel seizes the Golan Heights from Syria in the Six Day War with Egypt, Jordan, and Syria.

  5. 2004

    The United States imposes economic sanctions on Syria for supporting terrorism.

  6. 2006

    Iraq and Syria restore diplomatic relations after nearly a quarter century.

  7. 2009

    Trading commences on Syria's stock exchange.

  8. 2011

    Russia and China veto a United Nations resolution condemning Syria.

  9. 2012

    The United States, Britain, France, Turkey, and the Gulf states formally recognize Syria's opposition National Coalition as "the legitimate representative" of the Syrian people.


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