• 400 years of Ottoman rule ends after Arab and British forces seize the Syrian capital city of Damascus. 

  • Following the end of World War I, Syria is placed under French mandate.

  • France and Syria sign a treat agreeing on Syrian independence, however, France maintains their military and economic dominance. 

  • Syria becomes one of the founding members of the Arab League which the French troops slowly withdraw from Syria.

  • The Last troops leave Syria following World War II.

  • Syria cedes its sovereignty to join the United Arab Republic (UAR) headed by the Egyptian president. 

  • The United States imposes economic sanctions on Syria for supporting terrorism and failing to stop militants from entering Iraq.

  • Trading opens on Syria's stock exchange, a move towards liberalizing state-run economy.

  • Protests against the government arise and the government responds with violence leading to the destabilization of the entire country.

  • US and Britain suspend "non-lethal" support for rebels in northern Syria after reports that Islamist rebels seized bases of Western-backed Free Syrian Army.

  • US President Donald Trump orders a missile attack on an airbase from which Syrian government planes allegedly staged a chemical weapons attack on the rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhoun.

  • Syrian army recaptures almost all of the south of the country, up to the borders with Jordan and Israeli-held territory.

  • US withdraws troops from northern Syria, prompting Turkey to attack US Kurdish allies in the area.

  • Turkey sends thousands of troops across the border to stop a Syrian offensive to retake Idlib, the last province still in opposition hands.


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