TPP: History

2002 Negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership (TPSEP) are launched alongside the summit of APEC involving New Zealand, Chile, and Singapore.
Brunei joins the original Pacific 3 for negotiations, creating the "Pacific 4". 2004
2005 The TPSEP enters into force.
TPSEP calls for a reduction by 90% of all tariffs between member countries, and a reduction of all trade tariffs to 0 by the year 2015 2006
2008 United States agrees to enter into talks with the members of the TPSEP regarding trade liberalization in financial services
Australia, Peru, and Vietnam join negotiations. 2008
2010 South Korea is invited to join the grouping, but declines.
Malaysia joins negotiations. 2010
2011 A formal announcement of of the TPP is made by parties at the APEC leaders' meeting in Honlulu.
Canada and Mexico enter into negotiations for the TPP. 2012
2013 Japan formally joins negotiations to establish the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
The Trans Pacific Partnership agreement is officially confirmed. 2015


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