• Negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership (TPSEP) are launched alongside the summit of APEC involving New Zealand, Chile, and Singapore.
  • Brunei joins the original Pacific 3 for negotiations, creating the "Pacific 4".
  • The TPSEP enters into force.
  • TPSEP calls for a reduction by 90% of all tariffs between member countries, and a reduction of all trade tariffs to 0 by the year 2015
  • United States agrees to enter into talks with the members of the TPSEP regarding trade liberalization in financial services
  • Australia, Peru, and Vietnam join negotiations.
  • South Korea is invited to join the grouping, but declines.
  • Malaysia joins negotiations.
  • A formal announcement of the TPP is made by parties at the APEC leaders' meeting in Honolulu.
  • Canada and Mexico enter into negotiations for the TPP.
  • Japan formally joins negotiations to establish the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
  • The Trans Pacific Partnership agreement is officially confirmed.
  • The United States withdraws from the TPP.


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