Angola: History

  1. 1483

    The Portuguese arrive in modern-day Angola.

  2. 17th and 18th Centuries

    Angola becomes a major Portuguese trading area for slaves, supplying Brazil and the Americas with slave labor.

  3. 1836

    Slave trade is officially abolished by the Portuguese government.

  4. 1961

    Anti-Portuguese revolts erupt at coffee plantations, resulting in 50,000 deaths. Forced labor is abolished and rebels are emboldened.

  5. 1974

    Following a coup in Portugal, Angola becomes independent. The country endures violence and civil war between political parties for the next 30 years

  6. 2004

    Oil production in Angola reaches one million barrels per day.

  7. 2012

    Angola begins a $5 billion sovereign wealth fund to funnel the country's oil wealth into investment projects.


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