Cayman Islands: History

  1. 1670

    As part of the Treaty of Madrid, Spain gives control of the islands to Britain.

  2. Early 1700s

    The first permanent settlers arrive, mostly of African and British descent.

  3. 1863

    The Cayman Islands become a Jamaican dependency.

  4. 1959

    The Cayman Islands join the Federation of the West Indies.

  5. 1962

    After the short-lived Federation of the West Indies dissolves, Jamaica becomes independent while the Cayman Islands stay under British rule.

  6. 1972

    A new constitution is approved that gives the islands greater autonomy.

  7. 2009

    Territory is put onto the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development's (OECD) list as a country abiding by internationally recognized tax standards.

  8. 2009

    Britain does not allow the Cayman Islands to take out loans to fix budget deficits as the financial crisis hits the islands.

  9. 2013

    The Cayman Islands, along with several other countries and territories, agree to share tax information as part of an international campaign against tax evasion.


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