• As part of the Treaty of Madrid, Spain gives control of the islands to Britain.
  • The first permanent settlers arrive, mostly of African and British descent.
  • The Cayman Islands become a Jamaican dependency.
  • The Cayman Islands join the Federation of the West Indies.
  • After the short-lived Federation of the West Indies dissolves, Jamaica becomes independent while the Cayman Islands stay under British rule.
  • A new constitution is approved that gives the islands greater autonomy.
  • Territory is put onto the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development's (OECD) list as a country abiding by internationally recognized tax standards.
  • Britain does not allow the Cayman Islands to take out loans to fix budget deficits as the financial crisis hits the islands.
  • The Cayman Islands, along with several other countries and territories, agree to share tax information as part of an international campaign against tax evasion.


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