Cuba: History

  1. 1492

    Cuba is claimed by Christopher Columbus for Spain.

  2. 1526

    Cuba begins importing slaves from Africa.

  3. 1886

    Slavery is abolished.

  4. 1902

    Cuba is given independence.

  5. 1924

    Gerado Machado pushes forward economic reforms in several sectors, including mining, agriculture, and public works, but also establishes a dictatorship.

  6. 1959

    Fidel Castro uses a guerilla army to force Batista to leave and declares himself Prime Minister.

  7. 1960

    The United States puts an embargo on Cuba and Cuba nationalizes all US businesses within the country without compensation.

  8. 1961

    The US severs diplomatic ties with Havana and sponsors the Bay of Pigs invasion; Cuba declares itself a communist state and becomes an ally of the USSR.

  9. 1961

    The Cuban Missile Crisis occurs, ending with USSR removing its nuclear weapons from Cuba and the US removing its nuclear weapons from Turkey.

  10. 1991

    The USSR collapses, leading to the Soviet military leaving Cuba.

  11. 1996

    The US embargo on Cuba becomes permanent.

  12. 2000

    The sale of US food and medicines to Cuba is approved.

  13. 2008

    Plans are announced to abandon salary equality. Russia and Cuba make new trade and economic accords.


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