• Cuba is claimed by Christopher Columbus for Spain.
  • Cuba begins importing slaves from Africa.
  • Slavery is abolished.
  • Cuba is given independence.
  • Gerado Machado pushes forward economic reforms in several sectors, including mining, agriculture, and public works, but also establishes a dictatorship.
  • Fidel Castro uses a guerilla army to force Batista to leave and declares himself Prime Minister.
  • The United States puts an embargo on Cuba and Cuba nationalizes all US businesses within the country without compensation.
  • The US severs diplomatic ties with Havana and sponsors the Bay of Pigs invasion; Cuba declares itself a communist state and becomes an ally of the USSR.
  • The Cuban Missile Crisis occurs, ending with USSR removing its nuclear weapons from Cuba and the US removing its nuclear weapons from Turkey.
  • The USSR collapses, leading to the Soviet military leaving Cuba.
  • The US embargo on Cuba becomes permanent.
  • The sale of US food and medicines to Cuba is approved.
  • Plans are announced to abandon salary equality. Russia and Cuba make new trade and economic accords.


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