• Cuba is colonized by the Spanish.

  • A truce between Cuba and Spain ends the Ten Years' War of independence. Spain promises reforms and greater autonomy, which wasn't met.

  • The second war of independence begins, which leads to the US declaring war on Spain.

  • The US defeats Spain and gains control over Cuba.

  • The Platt Amendment is signed, giving Cuba independence from the US. However, Cuba remains under US protection and the US has the ability to intervene in Cuban affairs.

  • Cuban president Estrada resigns, and US intervenes and occupies Cuba following a rebellion led by Jose Miguel Gomez. 

  • Gomez is elected president of Cuba through elections supervised by the US, and the US withdraws.

  • The US grants Cuba control over its internal affairs, and negotiates quotas and tariffs in Cuba's favor.

  • The Cuban government seizes control of all American assets without compensation.

  • All diplomatic ties are broken between Cuba and the US after the failed invasion at the Bay of Pigs.

  • The US severs diplomatic ties with Havana and sponsors the Bay of Pigs invasion; Cuba declares itself a communist state and becomes an ally of the USSR.
  • The US begins to increase trade embargoes on Cuba, which are later made permanent in 1996.

  • In October, the sale of food and medicines is approved by the United States House of Representatives.

  • Uruguay breaks off ties with Cuba following a diplomatic crisis of the UN Human Rights Commission.

  • Diplomatic contacts are re-established with the EU. Ties are restored fully in 2008.

  • Cuba signs new trade and investment agreements with China and Russia.

  • Russia and Cuba sign an agreement which allows oil exploration in Cuban waters.

  • US and Cuba reopened embassies in their respective countries in July 2015.

  • Diplomatic row over mysterious sonic attacks which are said to have affected the health of US and Canadian embassy staff in Havana.

  • Senior Communist Party stalwart Miguel Diaz-Canel becomes president, ending six decades of rule by the Castro family.


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