Iceland: History

  1. 870s

    The first Norse settlements appear in Iceland.

  2. 1380

    Norway and Iceland enter a union with the Danish crown.

  3. 1402

    A plague hits Iceland, killing half the population.

  4. 1602

    For the next 200 years, Denmark assumes a monopoly on all Icelandic trade.

  5. 1918

    Iceland is allowed full self-government under the Danish crown. Denmark remains in control of Iceland's foreign affairs.

  6. 1944

    Icelanders vote to cut all ties with Denmark and the Republic of Iceland is proclaimed.

  7. 1970

    Iceland joins the European Free Trade Association.

  8. 1985

    Iceland declares itself a nuclear-free zone.

  9. 2007

    Iceland and Norway agree to expand their defense cooperation in order to help secure future oil and gas shipments.


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