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Government Resources
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News Sites

Saudi Arabia: Arabian Gazette

The Arabian Gazette is an online business news source that provides many articles on North Africa and the Middle East. Under the Saudi Arabia category, articles can be found regarding news and business events in Saudi Arabia. Each article in this section focuses on business issues important to Saudi Arabia.

Regulatory Agency Sites

Saudi Arabia: Capital Market Authority (CMA)

The Capital Market Authority (CMA) is responsible for the oversight and regulation of the Saudi Arabia Financial Services Industry. The site contains information on regulations, qualifying exams, publications, events, and announcements.

Saudi Arabia: Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC)

The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) works to promote a competitive climate for the information and communications sectors in Saudi Arabia. The CITC develops new information technologies and protects the public interest of telecommunications users. They also grant licenses to services and manage tariffs while supervising the entire sector. The site includes media, studies and reports in PDF format.

Saudi Arabia: Ministry of Health (MOH)

Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Health (MOH) regulates both the governmental and private health sectors. This agency sets medical research, academic/professional degree, and sanitation standards. The site includes information on ministry sectors and services provided. Certain features of the site require a free registration.

Other Resources

Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabian Market Information Resource

Provided by the Ministry of Information, the Saudi Arabian Market Information Resource offers a general informational profile of Saudi Arabia, a directory of businesses for various industries, summaries on industrial and social development, and statistical databases.

Saudi Arabia: U.S.-Saudi Arabian Business Council

The U.S.-Saudi Arabian Business Council has the objective of promoting trade and investment between Saudi Arabia and the United States. The site provides facts about Saudi Arabia as well as detailed information about the Saudi Arabian economy such as the budget, foreign investment act, and economic indicators. The site also provides membership information on the council as well as doing business in both countries.