Turkey: History

  1. 1453

    The rise of the Ottoman empire after Sultan Mehmed I captures Constantinople, ending the Byzantine Empire.

  2. 1918-1922

    After the central powers were defeated in World War I, the Ottoman Empire was partitioned under the treaty of Sevres which led to the war of independence in Turkey.  

  3. 1923

    Turkey gains full independence and is declared a republic.  

  4. 1952

    Turkey joins the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

  5. 1963

    Turkey signs an association agreement with the European Economic Community (ECC).

  6. 1974-1978

    The US sets a trade embargo on Turkey after Turkish troops invade northern Cyprus.  

  7. 1987

    Turkey formally applies for full ECC membership and begins the longest application process for any country.  

  8. 1995

    Turkey enters the European Union (EU) customs union, imposing a common external tariff on all goods entering the union and no customs on goods travelling within the union.

  9. 2002

    Economic and political reforms begin, aiming to secure a place in the EU

  10. 2005

    The new lira currency is introduced as six zeros are removed from the old lira, ending an era in which banknotes were denominated in millions.  


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