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Past, Present, and Future in Emerging Markets


Journal Special Issue


Justin Paul (Rollins College- Florida), Andrea Paltrinieri (University of Udine)


December 15, 2019


Special issue call for papers from International Journal of Emerging Markets, 2018 impact factor 2.067, 2018 cite score 2.16 

Guest editors

Justin Paul, Rollins College- Florida & University of Puerto Rico- USA

Andrea Paltrinieri, University of Udine, Italy

Purpose and research questions

During the past 20 years, we have witnessed a tremendous changes in emerging markets’ academic research from multidisciplinary perspectives: economics, finance, business, marketing, management. On the other side, academic researchers have continuously improved their methodology to carry out literature reviews on specific fields of research.  

In management and business research, for example, several forms of quali-quantitative surveys, such as bibliometric literature reviews and content analysis, have gained a lot of attentions, while in economics, purely quantitative methods, such as meta-analysis, have been used to examine the patterns of publication selections and explaining the differences in the results of the individual studies. 

The aim of this special issue is to collect survey articles, performing literature reviews in the broadest emerging markets’ streams of research with multidisciplinary perspectives. Any review has to contain ideas for future research, setting a specific research agenda, to fill the gaps in the literature.

Topics for inclusion (among others)

In this IJoEm special issue, we welcome papers within the broad areas of emerging markets, with a specific focus on the articles and methods less covered by previous literature reviews. We seek surveys with future research agenda on the following areas (but not limited to):  

  • Different dimensions of marketing in emerging markets such as brand management; service marketing etc. 
  • Strategic management in emerging markets 
  • Internationalization of firms 
  • Banking systems in emerging markets 
  • M&A in emerging markets banks 
  • Efficiency and profitability in emerging markets banks 
  • Financial crises in emerging markets 
  • Emerging markets’ stock exchanges 
  • Institutional investors in emerging markets 
  • Emerging markets’ mutual fund performance 
  • Emerging markets’ stock indices behavior 
  • Emerging markets bonds and stocks 
  • Emerging markets’ currencies 
  • Capital flows in emerging markets 
  • Corporate governance in emerging markets 
  •  HR management in emerging markets 
  • Entrepreneurship in emerging markets

Important Dates:

Paper Submission Deadline:     December 15, 2019 
Publication:                                  Around Mid 2021

Guidelines on Submission:

Please visit the International Journal of Emerging Market at:  to know more about the manuscript requirements. 

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More Information: 

To obtain additional information, please contact the guest editors: 

Justin Paul, Rollins College- Florida & University of Puerto Rico- USA: 

Andrea Paltrinieri, University of Udine, Italy: 

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